About Fat in the Head

Fat in the Head is the culmination of over 15 years of experience with being fat and losing weight (with varying degrees of success). It’s about putting psychological wellbeing before the idea that ‘skinny is the only way to be’, as much as about practical advice to taming your inner Cookie Monster. It’s about learning to live with disappointment and responding with “I know, me too!” About getting inspired by failure rather than daunted by stories of success. It’s for those who are genuinely fat-shaped as well as for those who are Fat in the Head only.

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On pause

fullsizeoutput_5f7I am sad. Again. In bed with the covers pulled up to my chin, my eyes rest on the kitchen scales. It’s one of those classic ones, with a clock face. Only this one is better than a clock, because on this one time never passes. I can lie in bed all day and the big red pointer would still say it’s a few minutes before 4kgs.

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Lunch. Monday, September 14th

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To weigh or not to weigh…

How to weigh oneself? My colleague has a helpful reminder above her desk
How to weigh oneself? My colleague has a helpful reminder above her desk
That is indeed a question of existential nature for those of us who are Fat in the Head. On the one hand, how are you ever going to lose weight if you’re in denial of – well – your weight? On the other hand, what if weighing yourself regularly turns you into a sensible un-fun person who’s obsessed with weight? Continue reading

Santa will have to ride his bicycle to work

Santa energy balanceIt’s only August, but if it’s up to his employer, Santa better starts working on his fitness. According to this article in the New York Times, Coca-Cola funds research that claims increasing exercise leads to more weight loss than limiting calorie intake. What’s more: calories get an unfair portion of the blame for obesity. Fat in the Head or not, their hashtag movement (#EnergyBalance) should fool no one. Continue reading

Can I be fat and confident?

Last week I read the excerpt from Mindy Kaling’s upcoming book Why not me?  I found her idea about what it means to be confident very powerful and motivating (particularly when you’ve just started a blog and you’re a little bit insecure about it). But, being Fat in the Head and all, I then wondered about the ‘me’ of some years ago: would I be inspired to get off my ass and lose weight or would I see in it yet another reason to stay in bed and eat deserts all day? Continue reading